qllectiveWe are a member of an international debt collection network - Qllective , which offers its clients top quality solutions in the field of international debt collection services provided by the network partners. 

The main idea of Qllective is to conduct business recovery so close to the debtor as possible , because Qllective selects local debt collection industry professionals who combine knowledge of the rules and requirements under national laws, together with local knowledge about the debtor, which ensures the maximum score within the international debt recovery.

After submission of the case files of documents to us as a local partner of Qllective, we shall be performing on your behalf all actions necessary for the proper operation of the debt collection process. Not only we shall transfer the case to a local Qllective partner, who is closest to your debtor, but we shall also keep you informed of the actions taken, regardless of the country wherein the debt collection shall be conducted.

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