prawa autorskie

In our practice we represent Authors, who care about the effective protection of their property interests and active implementation of their rights.

Regardless of whether someone without a license or permission granted, has used to his advantage our Client work - literary, journalistic, music, film, stage act and cartographic, Authors are always entitled to demand :

  • ceasing of infringement by the perpetrator
  • removing the effects of violations, such as e.g. removing the song from someone else's website or a clear indication of the author
  • damages – either in accordance with the  general principles of civil law, or by the payment of a lump sum of money in an amount equivalent to two times, and if the violation is culpable - three times the appropriate remuneration, which at the time of pursuing the claim would be payable in respect of the award by the authorized consent to the use of the work
Catalog of our services includes :
  • drafting a professional contract, as well as the agency agreement and others, which shall effectively protect the copyrights of our Clients
  • representation in negotiations with the producers
  • effective redress for damages available to the Authors, both in court and by virtue of extra -court settlements with perpetrators of the violations
  • advice on the prevention of copyright infringements
  • legal representation in trials for the violation of personal interest


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