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Not every dispute must be completed before the court, just as not every case commenced before a court, must completed with a judgment!

As part of our professional activity, we have been repeatedly proved of the rightness of the claim that even the best judgment of the court, always turned out to be worse for the Client in comparison with the worst settlement.

Because we respect the time and money of our Clients - we undertake to negotiate on their behalf. The subject of the negotiations are often contentious issues that have either already turned into a conflict between the parties, or in a moment of time they shall transform into one.
Legal arguments need not be at this stage neither decisive nor used at all during the negotiations. What matters is the fact the final result obtained for our Client and his business interests.
Individual members of our law firm have completed series of training courses, including ones involving some of the best negotiators in the country. However, it is not only the knowledge itself, but also rich practical experience, which allows us to efficiently minimize the number of cases referred to the court.
If the dispute is already so inflamed that the parties do not want to or can no longer talk to each other - then we suggest mediation.
We try to find the source of the problem, explain the situation and lead to a state in which both parties will be satisfied with the solution, which they found together.
Equally important is the fact that after the completion of the mediation, parties usually want to carry on business together.
Mediation in this respect is much more favorable in comparison to the years that the parties could spend on an exhaustive trial, after which any business cooperation between them would be out of question
After the mediation, the parties are partners for each other and both win. The judicial process, by its nature, implicates that someone loses.
In addition - 80% of the mediation is successful, and its duration is usually measured in days, not months or years.
Another important factor is the confidentiality of mediation. Everything said between the parties and the mediator does not leave the mediation room.
This information makes mediation a unique proposition for all entrepreneurs who appreciate the time, cost and good relationships with its business partners.


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