prawo administracyjne

Administrative law and administrative procedure is a very extensive branch of law, including in its scope both actions undertaken between administrative bodies, as well as administrative proceedings in which a party is a citizen.

Given the multitude of legal regulations in the field of administrative law, and often a high degree of complexity of the issues, it is highly recommended to entrust the protection of one’s interests to a professional attorney.

We provide our Clients legal services in matters related to administrative activities of state authorities, local government and other public bodies. With a thorough knowledge of the administrative law, its dynamics and directions of its development, as well as experience in conducting administrative proceedings, we guarantee our Clients a high quality legal assistance.

As part ofour duties, we are ready to provide assistance in all matters related to administrative activities of state authorities, local government and other public bodies, in particular by:

  • legal representation of Clients in proceedings before public administration bodies, bodies of local self-government (including municipal offices, municipalities, districts, provincial marshal offices in ministries and central offices ), local government appeal colleges, provincial administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as within administrative enforcement proceedings and before offices and tax chambers in matters of the Tax Ordinance Act
  • drafting legal opinions, advice and consultation in the field of administrative law,
  • submission on behalf of the Clients complaints and petitions to state bodies, local government bodies and social organizations and institutions,
  • acting on behalf of the Client in order to receive certificates, permits, licenses and concessions,
  • preparing documentation in the administrative proceedings, drafting, inter alia, letters instituting administrative proceedings, appeals from the decision of the first instance, appeals against administrative authorities, complaints to the provincial administrative courts, the writings of the resumption of proceedings completed earlier with a final decision, the writings to: repeal, amend or annul an administrative decision,
  • negotiating on behalf of Client or joint participation with him in any kind of negotiations
In particular we deal with:

Construction law, land utilization and real estate management - legal assistance in obtaining building permits, spatial development and performing all activities related to the real estate investment process and construction of buildings.

Law on Associations - legal support with the registration of the association, organizational and legal support activities of the association, including the eventual liquidation thereof ( ordinary associations, registered associations and sports clubs)

Environmental protection law - issues related to water law, waste disposal, recycling, liability for environmental damage and all kinds of permits required by environmental regulations,

The Tax Ordinance Act - representation before tax authorities and tax chambers within tax proceedings and in proceedings for: redemption of a tax duty, payment in installments, deferred payment of tax arrears, filing for individual tax interpretations


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