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We listen to Clients and get to know their business needs, in order to find legal solutions that will test the best for them, regardless of whether they are micro-entrepreneurs operating on local markets or they operate with capital enabling them the functioning within the stock market. We are able to efficiently prepare the articles of association, and then quickly pass through the company registration procedure. We accompany our Clients at every stage of their operation, by creating for them safe business contracts, recovering their claims and adapting their business to the constantly changing legal and economic conditions.

The success of newly founded business depends to a large extent on a good idea, but the right choice of legal form can both increase the efficiency of its management, as well as affect a number of other key factors in the life of every entrepreneur, such as, for example, proper protection of the interests of shareholders, tax optimization or the possibility of its development. Economic Law includes a number of standards and regulations related to business activities. It includes, among others, commercial companies law, which regulates the establishment, organization, operation, liquidation, merger, division and transformation of commercial companies.

We provide the following legal services for our Clients :

  • preparation of contracts and articles of association of commercial law tailored to the needs of shareholders and to the requirements of the trade,
  • creation of contractual provisions, which fully reflects the will of our Clients and protect their best interests at every stage of operation of the company,
  • registration of new legal entities in the National Court Register, in particular, ensuring speed and efficiency of the registration proceedings, including a continuous monitoring of the work of the courts,
  • legal support of the day-to-day activities of corporate bodies,
  • translating business ideas into legal language, advising on the creation of shareholder resolutions and resolutions of their assemblies, as well as possible options in the context of a particular legal form of business activity,
  • full support for meetings of shareholders and the general meeting of shareholders, preparation of all the necessary protocols, regulations and notices,
  • conducting the transformation, merger and liquidation of commercial companies,
  • suggesting the most optimal solutions for the choice of legal form of economic activity within the framework of commercial law, bearing in mind the specific nature of the industry, which our Client represents, as well as the tax law provisions,
  • filling in all the necessary registration forms required from representatives of the companies at the stage of its formation, the active conduct of its business, and during its liquidation,
  • establishing capital-based companies - limited liability and joint stock companies, including those wherein foreign investors are also involved,
  • suing the resolutions of the bodies of companies that are contrary to the articles of association or good business manners and are harmful to the interests of the company or a shareholder,
  • legal representation of: the members of the Board of Directors and the shareholders in their dealings with their companies.


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