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The real estate law and housing law pose many practical problems for lawyers, therefore we understand the needs of those who have no legal training and are active in the real estate market. Regardless of whether our Clients are owners of the real property or managers thereof, board members of condominium associations, or are renting their flats to tenants, all must cope every day with the same troubles.

Our experience within this particular field allows us to conclude that we know how to solve them -  effectively and legally. As part of our offer:

  • we prepare comprehensive lease agreements and occasional lease agreements, effectively protecting the interests of landlords
  • we use provided by civil law security measures, protecting possible future claims, that save time and money of our Clients in a situation where the other party does not pay the rent and/or other charges
  • we create rules of cleaning for the condominium associations and patterns of collecting receivables from non-paying owners thereof
  • we provide full legal support for the boards of condominium associations, for whom we write drafts of the resolutions and advise on the selection of optimal legal solutions
  • we vindicates tenants not paying their rent, both in the course of judicial proceedings, and by conducting active negotiations before submitting a claims to the court (for which we use our extensive knowledge and modern tools, acquired and tested in the course of enforcement of receivables from entrepreneurs)
  • we carry out the procedure for emptying the premises of persons and goods (the "eviction") since the debtor's request, by negotiating with him voluntarily leave of the premises, through judicial procedures, as well as in the course of enforcement proceedings, during which we work only with selected court bailiffs


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