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Labour law and social security law, because of its importance and ubiquity occupies a special position in the spectrum of the services provided by our law firm. Extensive experience in providing legal advice both to employers and employees, enables us to use creative solutions and, consequently, conduct the legal affairs of our Clients in an efficient and multidimensional manner.
The scope of legal aid

Labour law - for employees:

  • workers' claims in connection with the termination of employment (damages, reinstatement, compensation for the duration of unemployment, severance pay, equivalent for unused vacation, etc.)
  • workers' claims for payment of outstanding remuneration, including payment for overtime
  • establishing the existence of an employment relationship
  • repealing employees fines
  • suing for bullying, discrimination and other violations of workers' rights
Labour law - for employers :
  • defense of employers against claims of employees
  • claims of employers in relation to employees (disciplinary penalty, material liability, etc.)
  • non-standard forms of employment : temporary work, tele-work, outsourcing employees
  • information and consultation obligations of employers, trade unions, collective labor law
  • advising on health and safety provisions
  • activities of employment agencies ( the procedure for obtaining the certificate)
Social security law:
  • establishing the right to: a retirement pension, retirement benefits, pensions, sickness benefit, care benefit, maternity benefit, rehabilitation benefit, supplementary benefit, benefits in respect of accidents at work and occupational diseases, additions to pension benefits
  • the proceedings to determine the degree of disability and benefits payable to a person with a disability, appeals from decisions on the degree of disability
  • the obligation of payment of social security contributions and health insurance, arrears resulting from social security contributions and health insurance, the proceedings for relief in the payment of receivables resulting from social security and health insurance, cancellation of debts arising from unpaid contributions by persons engaged in non-agricultural activity (the so-called " ZUS abolition " )
  • duty of being subject to contributions  in respect of insurance by self-employed persons and persons cooperating.
As part of our legal services we offer in particular:
  • representation of Clients in court proceedings and enforcement proceedings
  • representation of Clients in proceedings before the administrative bodies and social security authorities (ZUS)
  • negotiating on behalf of the Client and together with him
  • drafting legal opinions
  • drafting and reviewing contracts of employment, non-competition agreements, management contracts, agreements on termination of employment, statements about the termination of the employment contract
  • creation of company’s regulations on: working conditions, remuneration, bonuses, the Social Fund, anti-mobbing procedures, official use of company’s property
  • preparations for the process of recruitment, employment restructuring, individual or collective redundancies, changes in pay and working conditions, the implementation of company’s own legislative acts


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