windykacjaConcentration of people, knowledge and practical skills related to the effective implementation of debt collection in one place and time, allows us to offer a comprehensive service of debt recovery at the highest level. During the recovery process we put emphasis on the effective use of the skills in order to conduct complex negotiations. Within that process we make an effective use of the following civil law institutions: transfer, deductions, compensation, conversion, renewal, replacement of the consideration, money order, acknowledgement of the debt, financial guarantee, establishment of a mortgage, lien, or, finally, the use of an act of voluntary submission to the enforcement proceedings.

We are a member of the Polish Association of Debt Collection Companies, which belongs to FENCA, an international organization bringing together national associations of debt collection companies. As a partner of Qllective - an international debt collection network, we may provide an effective debt recovery not only in Poland, but also in few dozen countries on 5 continents.



The standard of our activities is based on a direct contact with the debtor. We negotiate on behalf of our Client with due diligence and preserving his good interest.


In case of an unsuccessful completion of the negotiations, we conduct judicial proceedings to obtain judgment for our Client, which provides an opportunity for further recovery by an enforcement bailiff.

In order to minimize the financial exposure of our Clients in legal proceedings we suggest filing lawsuits to the e - court in Lublin, by which we obtain savings of up to 75 % of standard costs.


In the context of enforcement proceedings we work only with selected court bailiffs throughout the country, which allows us direct contact with law enforcers. Rapid exchange of information, obtained during the search of debtors' assets, significantly reduces the execution time and increases its effectiveness.


Throughout the whole debt recovery proceedings we undertake alternative actions aimed at benefiting the Client through e.g. sales of the debts via the online market of debts.
We submit the debtors of our Clients to the Debtors Register maintained by the Bureau of Economic Information (BIG ) InfoMonitor S.A.

However, if the enforcement procedure proves to be unsuccessful due to the lack of assets subject to execution, we recommend our Clients to use one of the following possibilities:

  • pursue claims from members of the board of directors of the debtor company,
  • enforcement of claims through assets, which the debtor gave away earlier in a manner highly detrimental towards the creditor,
  • pursue from the legal successors/heirs of the debtor, and others not listed above,
  • write-off the receivables into the so-called “bad debt” and take advantage of tax reliefs.
Based on years of analysis, we found that the highest efficiency in the debt recovery is achieved in the case of debts submitted for collection within three months from the date of their maturity.
Therefore, the amount of our salary commission is dependent on the age of receivables, i.e. the period from the date of maturity of the debt to the date of transfer of the case to us for recovery. The sooner Clients outsource to us the recovery of their debts, the less commission they pay.


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